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1. Insole staple on last, at the same time,soaking the front and the back bumper with bumper water,then paste the soaked bumper inside the toe lasting ,sewing the bumper etc.
2. Heating & Drying with oven.
3. Toe lasting with machine.
4. Fastening side lasting with hammer.
5. Fastening the counter lasting with lasting.
6. Checking
7. Brushing the upper with shoes-water(this step is to clean the shoes upper)
8. Pulling the staple out insole.
9. Vacuum vulcanized.
10. Waxing
11. Checking and counting.
12. Scribing(in order to brush glue exactly.)
13. Brushing glue on both the outsole and insole.
14. Heating & Drying.
15. Adhere the insole to the outsole.
16. Sole press with sole attaching machine
17. checking and counting
18. chiling and molding.
19. Pull-out lasting
20. Sock laying
21. Clean the shoes upper with shoes water(clearing the dirty)
22. Checking
23. Lossing thread
24. Checking
25. Heating & drying
26. Painting
27. Heating & drying
28. Lossing thread
29. Waxing and finishing
30. Tissuing paper.
31. Pasting tag.
32. Packing

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